JIS Student Parent Hopes Court Reveals the Truth Over Molest Case

Jakarta Jakarta International School (JIS) has gained some extensive media coverage shortly after reports of a number of students allegedly being molested by teachers and individuals from cleaning service at that particular school became the headline of the nationwide media. The story is viewed as controversial as many believes that there are pejorative motifs behind the case and that what has been said previously to the society was not fully true. The parents of JIS ‘allegedly’ molested kids are hoping for justice to be served and that the court would consider the elements of truth in this particular circumstance.

Since its inception, the case was already filled with discrepancies of facts that are evidently questionable. As parents of JIS students, they very much condemn any acts leading to criminalization that is done towards any education institution just for the sake of getting the material benefits out of it.

“What is most concerning is the fact that this case has damaged the future of the family and children of the workers here, including the cleaning services and teachers. I think those workers are the ones who have been subjugated from this case as there are not enough facts to supports their misdemeanours,” one of the JIS students parent, Sandiaga Uno said, Tuesday (10/03/2015).

He said, there are certain parties who tried to shift or manipulate the case since the very beginning. These parties are trying to make as if the blames are on the cleaning service from PT ISS and the teachers.

However, the medical data collected, it is reported that the children who was claimed to be molested is in normal condition. This report is different or a paradox to the claims made previously by the mother of the children who claims that her son has mental or physical sickness and trauma post the unwanted event.

“Many of JIS parents think this case has no strong legal grounds and it is just handful of speculations formed into one. We should not make claims that are not true because in doing so we impinge on others right to live and to defend themselves. We are hoping for the court to be as objective as possible in this investigation. We are talking about the future of the children and the families of those who are subjugated from this particular case,” Sandiaga continued. (Akp/Ein)
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